Here are 5 easy things you can do to keep your children healthy this winter: Put a hat & scarf on your child when they go outside in winter. This is not an old wives tale; having your neck & head exposed in cold weather or wind, lets too much of your body heat escape and leaves your immune system weakened & vulnerable to pathogens such as colds & flus. Ensure that your child gets enough sleep each night. Have a set bed time and stick to it whenever possible. Sleep is a time of healing and regeneration and it is crucial for the immune system to be able to function properly. Avoid giving your child sugar or foods containing sugar. Sugar may taste good and kids may love it, but refined sugar is not good for your health! Sugar decreases your immune system’s ability to mount a defence against invading pathogens & is just empty calories with no nutritional value. Read food labels! Encourage your kids to play outside in the fresh air. Fresh air (oxygen) & exercise is crucial for our cells to function & regenerate and for our bodies to heal. In addition, it also increases our body’s production of endorphins (happy sparks), which in turn improves our immune function as well as our sleep. Turn off those electronic devises and go play in the snow! It’s also a good idea to supplement kids in winter months with 400 IU’s of sunny Vitamin D. Make hand washing a part of your child’s daily routine. Hands touching hands, hands touching toys, doorknobs, etc, can easily pass around viruses and bacteria. So make sure you & your kids wash your hands after eating, nose blowing or using the […]